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Rick DeMont
Check out Brian Ruttenberg paintings.Hope to get together one of these days.
29 September 2010 - Tucson

randal scott williams
very nice jim i love your work.
29 September 2010 - cloudcroft nm

I was introduced to your work by the Phoenix Art Museum. Your painting in the museum is incredible! I love the texture in your work--Is the removal of paint done with your hands? The colors are beautiful. Thank you for the inspiration.
19 August 2010 - Phoenix

Susan McGinnis
I love the piece in the Phoenix Home and Garden and would like to purchase similiar piece for my home. Let me know if you are in Phoenix or if I can send a picture of my boring dining room for a idea. I am a terrible decorator.
17 June 2010 - Phoenix

Julianne Bledsoe
Hey! My Aunt Heidi told me that you are my great cousin! its cool to know that im related to someone famous. i think your art is beautiful and i love the colors.
like you and my aunt, i adore art, but i dont believe im as gifted as you! i practice though. maybe we could meet sometime :)
22 March 2010 - Moscow, Idaho

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