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Jim - I am so glad to find your website and be able to view your fantastic works of art. Thanks Marti
3 November 2008 - Tucson, AZ

Susan Davjs
Just came across your work.I love it! It is beautiful. It made me feel happy!
14 September 2008 - Nashville, TN

Amy Novelli
Your work is exactly what I need to be looking at right now. I am the painter on the Cushing St Bridge selection committee who lives near 29th St. Hope to visit your studio ASAP.
15 April 2008 - Tucson, AZ

Colleen Tucker
I'm the friend Dave mentioned. He had shown me your work "years ago" in NY and I loved it then and love it now. I'm an emerging pastel artist and Dave thought you would inspire me. You have. Thanks
18 February 2008 - Boulder, Colorado

Dave Wilkison
Hi. I just googled your name and found your web site. Cool! I was mentioning you to a friend and wondered if you'd set the site up. We'd love to see and Bev. Dave
13 February 2008 - Santa Fe

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